Stella Osborne 100th Birthday

Stella Osborne on her 100th birthday with a letter from King Charles III. Picture supplied.

Friday March 31 was an amazing milestone for local lady Mrs Beatrice Stella Osborne, known to all as Stella.

It was her 100th birthday and she celebrated in style at St Joseph’s Nursing Home on the day with family, residents and staff and then a bigger party with most of her family and friends on Sunday.

Flowers, feathers, a tiara and cake were the order of the day as Stella smiled and opened her many cards including one from King Charles III.

Stella was born in Eastbourne, in the United Kingdom, in 1923, to Albert and Beatrice Plummer.

Growing up in London, she began nursing at the beginning of World War II, becoming both a nurse and midwife.

In 1947, she and friend Kath Allaton sailed to Australia on the SS Asturias, under assisted passage scheme as a ’10 Pound Pom’.

‘For the adventure’ she was heard to say when asked.

Stella worked in the local hospital as a midwife for a couple of years and met local wool and skin buyer Leslie Osborne after delivering his niece and attending the christening.

Although Les was keen, Stella hadn’t finished travelling and worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania.

Les and Stella married in 1950 and had two sons, Robert and Michael.

Stella worked in the family business when the boys were older.

Most holidays were spent at their favourite place, Fisherman Bay, out fishing with Les, socialising with the neighbours and friends or seen with a couple of dogs in tow walking along the beach.

When Les passed away Stella kept busy, caring for two large, active dogs and sometimes grand-dogs.

There were belly dancing classes, swimming lessons, indoor bowls, gardening and enjoying the camaraderie of craft and church fellowship groups.

And of course, watching the Adelaide Crows…

She loves seeing her family, which has grown considerably with six grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Whilst coming across as a quiet, private person, Stella has great sense of humour, which often leaves you chuckling days later.

Stella attributes her longevity to healthy eating, keeping active and the occasional alcoholic beverage (with a wink).

Able to enjoy good health and independence until late last year, Stella now need extra care, but loves her current accommodation.

Happy 100th Birthday Stella, mum, granny, grandma and great-grandma.